The name of the universe comes from the name of the great and majestic city in the land of Morten - Umbra Turris. These words mean in the ancient language "Dark Towers", which centuries ago were built by the emperor of Sheol-morg. Around them one of the oldest and most arrogant races - Humans, built a huge city as a proof of their power. Unfortunately, the Dark Towers were something that almost contributed to the total destruction of this race and was the cause of many wars and conflicts.

Now you can enter the world of Umbra Turris to take part in skirmishes and big wars. Collect the party and go to the city of Umbra Turris in search of fame and fortune, or call the hordes and clans of wild tribes from Argatoria to conquer the enemy lands.

Far far to the west spreads a huge land of wild tribes - Argatoria. Some of its inhabitants believe in Old Gods who, though silent, have a huge influence on their followers. Big temples are being built, where priests overwhelmed by madness call for wars in the name of faith. Those who look with contempt at the weak Old Gods believe in strength and struggle, thanks to which they can gain new lands full of animals and riches. The great armies of Reptilians join the battles to stifle the arrogance of Humans and show them that the oldest race can today only be a slave to the proud inhabitants of Reptoss. However, many say that the Dark Gods are behind the wars, leading the feuding tribes like puppets. Will they choose to entangle other races into great wars? Will the small inhabitants of Xotlutuatec join the battles? Will four-armed Voro-dans hit the drums and go to war? Time will show.

"It's the time of blood, time of war, time of Argatoria!!!"

The city of Umbra Turris after centuries of glory and prosperity has become a hotbed of outcasts and dark cults that fight for influence and remnants of ancient wealth every day. In the dark streets, majestic squares and underground aqueducts you can meet adventure seekers who, combined in parties, face great dangers. Do not expect, however, that glory or wealth will come easily. Rumours and old legends say that real darkness is just coming...

"Too late for hope. Darkness is coming..."

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